Natã Trindade do Vale

Natã do Vale was diagnosed with profoundly deaf when he was just 7 months. With 3 years old he received a cochlear implant on the right ear. Due to her deaf, Natã has not already developed her full speech and he has to communicate by pounds. Later, after start failing his vision, loss his hearing and after the diagnosis of diabetes mellitus type 1, Natã’s family – Janete, Gilson and Rafaela – received the worst news, when Natã was 8 years old – He had Wolfram Syndrome.
Natã goes to the visual adapting twice a week. He receives help of private tutors in his classroom and he also has been doing pedagogic therapist with a deaf teacher.
He is so sweet, very smart and an amazing boy! Currently, with 14 years old, he is learning some words to pronouce. Some specific words, for example: mom, daddy, sister, the name of his relatives, the name of his cats and some foods.
WolframInside is so proud of him! Congratulations!

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