Leonardo Sabino

Leonardo Sabino is 29 years old and was officially diagnosed with Wolfram syndrome 4 years ago.

Tragically, the pacient says he developed blindness in a short time when he was just 18 years old. Leo also suffers with osteoporosis, severe hearing loss, bladder issues and diabetes mellitus.

Even having a lot of symptoms, you will not find a more charismatic  patient than Leo. “Every day when I wake up I receive a voice message from Leo wishing me a nice day and asking me how the westher is like in Porto Alegre. He is always funny!” , says Rafaela Ungaretti.

The patient’s willpower is  too big. He is currently taking a braille computer technical course and tactile pounds course with a deaf, blind and mute teacher. He also took an archeological technical course and he wants to apply to university this year.

The WolframInside is very proud of him!

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